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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Today I'm sharing my journey into my melt pot once again brought on by a challenge over at Paper Artsy. It's been a bit since I've played with Utee so I thought I would give a few "new" to me techniques a try. From right to left ..... I have an ATC card that I made from the inspiration provided by Nikki here http://blog.paperartsy.co.uk/2017/04/2017-6-utee-accents-by-nikki-acton.html   This was the hardest one to do, because ok don't laugh but I really dipped this in my melting pot not once but several times to get the layers Nikki described.  Not once did I thing to pour the utee on it and melt it with my heat gun, that is until I was finished and was lining them up to take pictures I have two pretty burn't fingers to prove it. I used my Fresco paints right on my stamps to stamp the first layer, then a circle stamp for my second layer, then a splash of inky pool for the splatters.
Next up is a mold I made using the two part epoxy for the melt pot, After these butterflies hardened I dry brushed some snowflake on them to bring out the detail. For my third try I used my spellbinders like in this video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-aAe3JMJL4    shown the night the challenged was introduced.
That is it for now

Thursday, April 20, 2017


I'm here once again with a SoulScrappers LO. This is for the random word challenge I picked Blessing's because I feel that about these two. There is no way to explain the relationship my granddaughter and I have sometimes turmoil and sometimes not but I love her with all my heart no matter what. I just hope I get to know my great granddaughter the same way. I'm looking forward to playing with her at the zoo, playgrounds and parks.
Today is short because I'm fading fast didn't really sleep last night.
All my papers are from my stash, flowers are from Michaels, lace is tea stained detailed die cut is from a scrapbooking friend and I have something new in my things air dried clay trinkets I made from molds.
That's it.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Today's share is for a challenge over at Soul Scrapers called Escape 2 Nature and this is challenge #3   Our challenge was to scrap a picture of a pathway, this one is right at the corner of my house. It's called the Ice Age trail and goes all through Wisconsin. You can hike it, bike it and even take your horses on it. Still in it's complete ugly winter stage.
My paper is from a pad called Country Roads by Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby one of three I bought at the beginning of the month when they were 50% off.
I used some scrap paper to stamp a script and some small circles to layer up my photo on the left and on the right I have some cheese cloth, cloth washi tape and a Tim Holtz die cut heart. I also chose to splatter white gesso around the lay out. My sentiment was computer generated.
I have a ton to do today and I'm trying to quit smoking so we will see how today goes.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What the HEART Sees

This is a journal page for the Blue and Ochre challenge at Paper Artsy  I was inspired by Chris's pages Born for Joy.  I love working in my journal it gives me the chance to try different techniques, colors, color families, images and stencil groupings. There is a lot of stuff on this page so I'm just going to get right into that.

Stencils: Jofy PS007, Darcy E3 PS031, TCW Miniture Dots and TCW Heart Confetti
Stamp sets: Jofy 24, Darcy EDY02, Darcy EDY17
Mediums and tools: Golden Extra Heavy Gel (gloss) dropper, credit card, sea sponge, small brushes 
Card Stock White and Jute twine.
Paints and Inks: Paper Artsy Chalk Acrylic in Yellow Submarine both plain and mixed 5 drops to one with Mud Splat (made my Ochre) and Southern Skies, Snowflake and two High Flow acrylics Persian Blue and Cerulean Blue.
The background is a mixture of my high flow inks followed by some stenciling of the cattails using first my yellow submarine then the 5 to 1 mixture then I added another bit to what I had left to my sea sponge and dabbed hopefully giving a 3D look. I finished up my stenciling with the highflow mixed with the gloss gel and the two TCW stencils. The background still looked a bit weak and my cattails were floating in air so I took my sea sponge and dabbled all the left over paint on the bottom 1/4 of the page. I used a small stamp from set EDY17 with a bit of  snowflake and stamped. I them proceeded to stamp all my images color with my Fresco paints and fussy cut. arranged them all struggled with the stems and leaves that when the Jute came into play. Before I glued everything down the bottom still looked bare so I stenciled the big dots off Darcy's stencil. Then glued. If you look real close you will see I also cut the tiniest pieces of jute for my butterfly body.  
That's it.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Just BE

Today I have April's tag for you. Of course that can only mean it's time for Shazza's PhiloSOULphy challenge over at SoulScrappers.   As soon as I saw the quote I knew I wanted to use my set from Flourish's stamps it's a cute set I think it's called Honey Bee and I thought I wrote it on the back of the tag but nope it's not there. Oh well? I thought this would be simple because I already had a theme, far far from the truth. I'm not use to working with such delicate lined stamps. The coloring went great I used my waterbrush and TH inks. I also used his inks for the background, turned out to dull so I added some dimension  with a stencil and molding paste to white so I put some of my new Infusions on there OOPS now it looks like a spotted mess and they are dried in to the paste UGH. water it down and smear there went the background I stamped in Smoke TH ink of course. Then I tried to stamp off my black archival before applying to tag nope not able to see it so I went full black. Then I thought it would be to bold. I think the background finally carries the image. Now how do I finish it off. My art critic(hubby) said bring out the yellow more and he was so right. I don't thing you can see the blue and white gingham behind the bow. I also brought some of the yellow down to the bottom corner.
That is it for me today, we have rain on the way and my head is getting to the I can't take it pounding stage.
Til next time

Friday, March 31, 2017

Happy St. Pats

This LO was inspired by Mary's Tic Tack Toe over on Souls Scrappers. For this challenge you get to pick from a Tic Tack Toe board you all remember how that goes. I find it is helpful if you get stuck on a LO you can get ideas from the board. As it so happens I did two lines the first one is Doily, Green, and 2 different pattern papers. My LO still needed a few things so I took inspiration from the rest of the board and added enamel dots in the flowers, a journaling strip and stars.
My 12X12  paper is Minds Eye, the orange is from Amuse and the pinkish flower one is a scrap. 
Flowers Green one is a Flora Doodle gifted to me the white are from Michael's Recolections
Enamel dots I've had for ever.
Die Cut Shine is from Peachy Cheap white paper colored with marker.
Stars cut from Just -Rite dies 
Picture stolen from my Grand daughters FB page.
Short one today

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Key

This is for another challenge at SoulScrappers. The object of the challenge is to make a project or layout with the materials sent to you by the person running the challenge. You get a list of items you receive and then you should use as many of the items as possible. You can alter the items if you wish, by changing their color, cutting them, distressing them ect. All the items are relatively the same one could receive a different color of something or a different shape ect.
From top left to top right and so on I will try to lists all the items I received because I used them all.
1 green clock, part of the strip of green rhinestones,
2 a purple foil key
3 chipboard puzzle piece(promise) another part of the green rhinestone strip
4 manila leaf embossed tag, ribbon(roof), more of the green rhinestone strip, black arrow(door) blue roof was made with a square piece of burlap, and a button for doorknob.
5 next would be the black sparkly arrow pointing to my Quote 
6 next is the girl I cut from book paper not in the package. Lace that was in the package I used for her dress only it was ivory and I die it with ink using more of the green rhinestones for belt and sholder accents covering the staples holding the dress on, blue umbrella cut from the burlap supplied her hair is made from tiny beads supplied.
7 is the garden I was supplied with a brad that said bloom so I turned my hearts upside down so they looked like tulips not yet bloomed at least to me then I colored them with marker more of the green rhinestones for stems, the arrow for garden art, buttons as a post last piece was a blue foam foot I used the last of the blue burlap to kinda cut another one and they are footprints through my garden.

The only things I supplied on this page the 12X12 paper chosen for the multi colored background which I felt matched the colors of all my given items, the letters, hand cut doll figure and the typed Quote on the very bottom.
I'm supplying close ups below if you would like to look.

This was a blast I hope to do the next one.